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With the addition of Josh, twenty one pilots’ drumming increased exponentially, enhancing the complexity as well as groove exhibited throughout the album. Rhythm and speed are often the main adjectives for such drumming, utilizing quick hi-hat bursts with just enough creativity involved to greatly enhance the experience. Dun’s ability to hit things is quite impressive, showing off his skill in “Guns for Hands” and “Holding onto You,” showcasing experimentation in using tom driven beats as well as fitting fills.

Most of the time, the synths provide harmony in the background with an underlying bass groove backing up the melodies. When analyzing their sound, Regional at Best actually shows an ironically “happy” sound. Songs like “Glowing Eyes” and “Forest” apply the use of higher keys and layered vocals, giving an upbeat note to rather melancholy lyrics.

The majority of Twenty One Pilots’ music features only Tyler Joseph’s voice, but on “Kitchen Sink,” his brother Zack joins in for a verse. Paired with some interesting instrumentation, including erhu violin and synth boops, “Kitchen Sink” stands out as a starkly unique offering from early TOP. Twenty One Pilots drastically changes its sound on “We Don’t Believe What’s On TV,” with a rollicking ukulele and snare combo.

Regional at Best is a rough sophomore release by Twenty One Pilots, and it shows. From tracks like “Car Radio” and “Lovely” to tracks like “Trees,” it’s hard to catch a break of solidarity with the album. Glimmers of hopes, such as the track “Glowing Eyes” and “Be Concerned” with a guest appearance from Jocef, leave you wanting more, but can’t.

He has said that the song and symbol both represent something only he understands and urges us to find purpose in something the way he did. With that thing only he understands he has purpose to stay alive because, without him no one will ever know what that thing means. As for the lyrics to the song, and what a kitchen sink actually is, I believe should be personal to you, something that you make up by listening to the song.

The setlist for the tour includes songs from all of their albums, including ‘Regional at Best’. Twenty One Pilots originate from Colombus, Ohio and formed in 2009. Prior to the duo we know as Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, there were two past members, but they left the band in mid 2011 due to busy schedules. Accumulating all of the album’s assets together, Regional at Best provides a new basis for the band’s style and tone for future albums in general.

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