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Small, Regional Utilities Located Near Critical Infrastructure Targeted In Cyberattack

Smith, 24, is a single mother of two kids and one dog who’s been a GRU customer since 2017 for her electricity, water and trash. Living on disability Social Security at the time, Smith said she simply didn’t have the money to pay her $100 electricity bill, much less the extra for her water and trash. Although there is no data yet for November, electricity bills specifically should remain high because the city added a 6.4% utility increase effective Oct. 1. GRU General Manager Ed Bielarski said 4% of the additional 6.4% went to electric bills, adding just over $5 to the average charge.

Seever explained that had the construction project proceeded according to plan, the average customer bill would have been between forty-five and fifty dollars per month. Finally, he testified that JNRU’s rates were cost-based, but were not based on the cost of service to CSL households. In the past, electric utilities and electricity consumers may have viewed each other as adversaries. But in today’s economy, utilities and energy consumers have a vested interest in collaborating to achieve their individual goals. The managers at Gainesville Regional Utilities , serving the Gainesville, Fla., area, are working with business customers to provide the data that will help them manage their consumption. The key to making the necessary changes in order to hold down costs, reduce consumption, and to ultimately best-use power resources is to understand current consumption as completely as possible.

In the short term, one technique available to utilities for managing supply is to use variable rate structures. While such structures dictate that higher energy costs will be applied part of the time, they also provide the opportunity for savvy consumers to reduce their energy use during peak periods and possibly shift some of the consumption from peak to off-peak hours. GRU offers business customers the option of choosing variable time-of-use rates or traditional flat rates that stay the same, regardless of the time of day.

Member-customers can select to have payment withdrawn on or about the 10th or the 30th of each month. Paper bills are still sent around the 25th of each month, letting the member-customer know the amount to be withdrawn. If you are currently receiving bills and are interested in signing up for ACH/direct withdrawal, please contact our office so an enrollment form may be sent to you, or you may print a form that you can complete and return to our office along with a voided check.

Doxo is used by these customers to manage and pay their County of Walton – Regional Utilities System bills all in one place. Options for reaching County of Walton – Regional Utilities System customer service. Member municipalities are responsible for distributing potable water to their customers, this includes water delivery, metering, and billing for water services. Unless otherwise specified, no association between SSP Innovations and any trademark holder is expressed or implied.

​But security experts say smaller electric utilities may pose an oversized threat to the electric grid, as they often lack the robust cybersecurity infrastructure of larger investor-owned utilities. Hayes-Santos said addressing climate change plays a factor in rates. About 35 to 40 percent of electricity produced by GRU is renewable, which is the highest percentage in the state, he said.

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